The International Higher School of Logistics and Transport

The International Higher School of Logistics and Transport
The International Higher School of Logistics and Transport

The International Higher School of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław (ISLiT) is a modern educational institution established in 2001 at the initiative of the Wrocław Association for the creation of a unified logistics centre. Wrocław) - in cooperation with the Wrocław Academy of Economics, Lower Silesian Executive Committee, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław City Council and Gruppo Superior International Business School (ESIDEC, Metz) - one of the oldest educational centres in Europe training specialists in logistics, where there are london transport bus models. It offers two levels of study: undergraduate and graduate. Tuition fees at MWSLiT start at €1,200 a year. MWSLiT is currently the only non-state higher education institution authorised to award a master's degree in logistics. It should be noted that graduates of this university receive two diplomas - Polish and French (the latter is awarded by ESIDEC, Metz). The study of French is compulsory, allowing students to continue their studies at ESIDEC after obtaining their bachelor's degree.MWSLiT works closely with its partner group ESIDEC, which means students are guaranteed European-level knowledge and skills in the field of logistics, forwarding and transport. An important point is that the school offers assistance in finding employment for its graduates upon graduation. MWSLiT is open to applicants who have completed secondary education and who have no contraindications for studies in their chosen field of study.International students must pass tests in Polish or English, depending on the language of instruction in the field of study chosen by the candidate. For English-speaking studies, applicants must submit an international certificate confirming their language skills at B2 level.

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Did you know that ...International Postgraduate School of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw (MWSLiT) - enjoys a good reputation and the quality of education in the field of logistics. The school was founded in 2001 in cooperation with a group of business schools ESIDEC (Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce) in Metz, France - one of the oldest educational centres for logistics training in Europe. Since then it has been carrying its quality brand.It is currently the only institute of higher education to offer a Master's degree in Logistics, after a period of study. MWSLiT is also the only Polish university awarded the 1st category (attestation of the Ministry of Education), and of 340 private universities, only 7 have the first category.Since 2005, MWSLiT has been a holder of the Certificate of Recognized Higher Education Institution.The university's teachers are qualified leading specialists in their field who are members of the national and international communities.Thanks to the cooperation with the largest companies in the TSL field, students get practical training in their chosen specialisation.MWSLiT's strategic partner is Volvo Corporation.The university has a scientific circle Globe, which is active in science, and the scientific journal published by the university has been awarded the highest mark by the Polish Ministry of Education.During their studies students must learn French, which allows them to continue their studies at ESIDEC in Metz after completing their bachelor's degree.Upon graduation, students graduate with two diplomas, Polish and French.The university offers its graduates assistance in finding a job after graduation.

The International Higher School of Logistics and Transport
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